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How to Maintain Tiles

Step 1

Sweep or dust all tiles regularly. Free up loose dirt and debris before it can be worked or ground into the tiles, or before moisture comes in contact with the dirt and becomes a stain. Avoid using vacuum cleaners or other items that may scratch the finish of the tiles.

Step 2

Damp mop floor tiles with plain hot water on a regular basis to remove surface debris. Clean all tiles, regardless of type, with a neutral PH cleaner. Avoid cleaners that contain an acidic or alkaline base, which could strip the finish off of the tile. If possible, use a cleaner specifically made for your tiles, such as marble cleaner, glass cleaner or porcelain cleaner.

Step 3

Squeegee natural stone tiles in the shower area or other wet areas after exposure to water. Water can stain or etch some stone tiles; keeping them dry can help prevent this problem. After washing natural stone tiles, buff them dry with a soft cloth to prevent water spots and stains.

Step 4

Seal unglazed ceramic, terracotta, natural stone, polished porcelain, or any glazed ceramic tiles with a crackled or crazed glaze, on a regular basis. Apply the sealer onto the surface of the tiles with a paintbrush. Allow it penetrate for up to 10 minutes and, in all but terracotta tiles, wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth to remove excess sealer. Repeat whenever water stops beading off the surface of the tiles.

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