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Get the look: Frida Kahlo-Inspired Hair

Photograph by Rachel Matos

My lifelong admiration of Frida Kahlo started when I was about five or six years old during my first trip to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Her portraits sparked a world of curiosity in me that left me wanting to know more. So much so, that during my last year of college I created series a portraits that resembled much of her style and dreamt about the day I could go to La Casa Azul in Mexico City to study painting after graduation.

Unfortunately, I was never able to go to Mexico to live out this dream. But it’s definitely on my bucket list of things I must do during my time here on Earth. In the meantime, I’ll continue to hold this brilliant woman near and dear to my heart, and pay homage to her any way I can for being such a profound source of inspiration to me as an artist and woman.

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July 6 is the anniversary of Frida Kahlo’s birthday, and I invite you to join me in celebrating this special day by adding something a little “Frida-esque” to your style. Whether it’s flowers, jewelry or a beautiful scarf, there are many ways to pay tribute to the care and detail Frida put into cherishing her roots and country’s tradition every day.

Her hairstyles were striking and beautiful, and can be recreated with a simple braid and a flower or, depending on your hair, you can take it to the next step with ribbons and an assortment flowers.

Before working on your hair, I suggest starting with your makeup. Frida didn’t wear a lot of makeup but her eyes were strong and fearless with naturally long, thick lashes, so you can keep your look bare or you can make eye darker with a cat eye. I used Rimmel’s ScandalEyes Thick & Thick Eyeliner and Volume Accelerator Mascara. For the lips, I suggest using a deep red like seen in Frida’s photographs and self-portraits on display at La Casa Azul. I used Chanel’s Rouge Allure.

Photograph by Rachel Matos

After my makeup was set, I combed my hair through with a bit of John Barrett’s Elementage Styling Masque. I parted my hair in the middle and tied it into two low ponytails, which I then braided with an orange ribbon. I wrapped the braids over the crown of my head and secured them with bobby pins. You can leave your hair this way too, or just add a simple flower. I got a bit flower-happy and adorned the braids with an assortment of colors. For the finishing touch, I’m wearing dangly earrings, a scarf and coral beads. Ribbon, flowers and scarf were all purchased at Michael’s Arts & Crafts.

Happy birthday Frida Kahlo! You’ve empowered so many with your vision, talent and passion!

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