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Residential Gutter Cleaning

Step 1

Put on protective gloves so you don't cut yourself on metal joints between gutter pieces or screws. Put a handful of plastic grocery bags in your pocket. Place the ladder near the downspout of the gutters on the front of the house.

Step 2

Climb the ladder while holding the garden trowel. Scrape leaves, pine needles, twigs or other debris out of the gutter with the trowel. Deposit the debris in the plastic grocery bags. Continue until you have cleaned out all the gutter space within arm's reach.

Step 3

Climb down the ladder and move it over two to three feet. Climb back up and repeat the process, cleaning just the portion of the gutter that's within arm's reach. As you fill the plastic bags, tie them off and drop them on the ground, away from the ladder base. Continue until you clean the entire length of the gutter in the front of the house.

Step 4

Climb the ladder with the hose. Spray down the inside of the gutter to rinse out any remaining dirt.

Step 5

Repeat the entire process on each side of the house. Rinse out the downspouts as you finish each side. If you cannot clear a clog with the hose, detach the downspout and/or use a plumber's snake.

Step 6

Dispose of the plastic bags. Either empty their contents into a compost pile, or throw them in the garbage.

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