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How to Care for an Unglazed Kitchen Backsplash


Step 1

Wipe down the backsplash area every two to three days with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove contaminants such as dirt, dust and food particles. Wipe away any spills or splashes that you notice immediately, before the tile absorbs them.

Step 2

Dampen a sponge in warm water and squeeze it out so that it is barely moist. Use this sponge to wipe up grease and other stains on the surface. Use as little water as possible to prevent the tile from absorbing extra moisture.

Step 3

Dry the area thoroughly with a lint-free cloth to remove excess moisture.


Step 1

Clean the surface thoroughly. The surface must be completely clean and dry before sealing, or you can permanently attach the dirt and stains to the tile.

Step 2

Cover the sink, stove and other areas beneath your backsplash with drop cloths, protective tarps or painter’s tape to safeguard them from the sealant.

Step 3

Paint a thin layer of acrylic tile finish evenly over the entire backsplash surface. This finish will provide an extra buffer that will prevent the sealant from fading over time. Allow the finish to dry completely.

Step 4

Coat the entire surface in a thin layer of tile sealant; this can be obtained from your tile’s manufacturer or a professional tile producer. Use a paintbrush or clean rags to spread the sealant in an even coat. Allow the first coat to dry completely.

Step 5

Apply a second coat of sealant and allow it to dry completely. If necessary for touchups, or if directed by your product's instructions, apply a third coat, as well. Allow your final coat to dry completely before exposing the surface to moisture or contaminants.

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