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Organizing Ideas for Small Homes With Several Family Members

Wall Space

Use available wall space from floor to ceiling. Wall space typically is left for decorations and often forgotten about for storage and organization purposes. Build a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Measure your entire wall with a tape measure. Choose the distance you wish to have between each self. Buy shelf brackets and shelves in the appropriate size. Install the shelf brackets and shelving according to the manufacturer’s directions. Organize smaller items and books in your home on the shelves or dedicate one shelf for each family member.

Fold-Up Desks

Instead of traditional desks that consume needed floor space in a house with many family members, buy fold-up desks. Fold-up desks work just like a traditional stand-alone desk, but the desks fold up when not in use.

Plastic Bins

Buy plastic bins in small, medium and large sizes. Store out-of-season clothing in the large bins and place in a shed, utility room or basement. Large plastic bins stack well and keep your floor uncluttered. Medium-size bins work well for food items such as cereal boxes or two-liter bottles of soda. Smaller plastic bins are great for organizing small items, such as crayons, markers, pens and calculators.

Under the Bed

Use the floor space under the beds in your small house. Beds typically take up the most floor space in a room. Let each person in a bedroom have some space to store personal items under the bed. Extra blankets and sheets work especially well under the bed.

Pot Racks

Purchase a pot rack and hang it according to manufacturer directions. Move your pots from your kitchen cabinets to the rack and use that space to store other items, such as food and large cooking utensils that cannot be hung.

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