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10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Online

I can’t tell you how often I think to myself, “How did moms function before the Internet?” You can get just about anything online, which can be delivered anytime. How did our moms do it when they couldn’t get anything online? For me, there isn’t a day that goes by without me ordering something from Amazon. From last-minute birthday gifts to books, and now groceries in some cities, they seem to have it all. Well, almost.

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Now, according to Reuters, Amazon really will have it all. That’s because you’ll soon be able to hire a babysitter through Amazon. Sure, there are other local online babysitting services currently available, but now you’ll be able to get school supplies, a vacuum and a babysitter all in the same place.

I don’t mean to be a major convenience buzz kill here, but I feel like there are some things we shouldn’t buy online — like babysitters. I know tons of people do it, but I can’t help but wonder if I should actually meet the total stranger with whom I’m entrusting the safety and well-being of my children before I actually entrust them with the safety and well-being of my children.

I want convenience as much as the next mom, but there are some things I just don’t think you should get online. Besides babysitters, here are 9 other things to watch out for.

Reading glasses: It probably wouldn’t be too hard to fill out your prescription online and order some new specs. But either I have the world’s most finicky face or glasses are really hard to pick out. I’d love the ease of glasses delivered to my house, but then who will answer me when I ask, “Do these glasses make my nose look fat?”

Bras: Sure we all have our go-to brand and size, but let’s just say that with time and children comes a shifting bra size. I want to get my bras in person. If nothing else, I can’t miss the humiliation of having the woman who has worked there for a century flicking my boobs around like a raindrop while she measures me for my actual size.

I know ordering groceries online is all the rage, but I have the kind of luck where I’ll get a bag full of bruised fruit.

Swimsuit: The lighting in department stores sucks, but trying on a swimsuit in person is a necessary evil to actually getting one that fits. Plus online, everything looks good when it's shown on a supermodel. On me? Well, let’s just say that same swimsuit seems to look different. I want to try it on before I pay for it.

Jeans: In my mind, those super skinny jeans look great on me. In reality, they only look good on me from the ankles down. So since jeans are tough to fit, I’m not ordering mine online. I’m sucking it up, sucking it in and heading to the store with the biggest selection. Hopefully, I’ll find the pair that looks great on a mom who doesn’t want mom jeans.

Hats: Wearing a hat can really go either way depending on the hat. You can either look like a cool hipster or a mom who hasn’t washed her hair and needed to cover it up. Either way, hats need to be tried on to see if they look good.

Produce: I know ordering groceries online is all the rage, but I have the kind of luck where I’ll get a bag full of bruised fruit. And we all know there’s no possible way to get a child to eat a fruit with a bruise.

Pets: All pets are cute online, but in person that cutie could actually be Cujo. So if I’m going to get a dog or cat (which I’m not), I’ll be checking it out in person before I bring it home for my kids to not play with.

Prescription Drugs: Tons of people do it. I’m not going to be one of them. When it comes to stuff that I put in my body and has the potential to kill me, I’ll spend the extra10 minutes to get the right information I need so I don’t off myself trying to avoid going to the doctor.

Paint: Picking out paint is difficult enough in person. The color never looks the same on the wall as it does on the swatch. So imagine just how bad a choice you could make when that swatch is your computer screen, which you haven’t washed in years. And since there might be no return policy on online paint purchases, I’ll go ahead and head to the paint store.

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While we’re talking online purchases, I also wouldn’t buy a husband, house or car online. I’d browse, I just wouldn’t buy. You just need to see some things for yourself!

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