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Money Saving Tips: Save Electricity on Your Air Conditioning

Replace the Filter

One of the simplest money-saving tips for conserving electricity with your air conditioning is to replace your air filter on a regular basis. Air-conditioning filters attract dirt, lint, dust, grass clippings and leaves. Over time, an air-conditioning filter can get so saturated with dirt and debris that it's not able to function properly. As a result, it puts more stress on your air conditioner, requiring it to use more electricity. Replacing your filter helps the unit run more efficiently, subjects it to less wear and reduces your energy bills.

Clean and Protect the Unit

Many air-conditioning units chug away day after day without being adequately cleaned or protected. Cleaning out your air conditioner with a hose can be a quick and money-saving way to keep your electricity costs low. Gently spraying off the dirt, grass and leaves that accumulate on the exterior of your unit allows the fan and cooling system to function better. If possible, you can even plant a tree or a tall shrub near your air conditioner to provide it with shade from heat and sun exposure.

Decrease Air-Conditioning Usage

One of the most affordable ways to save electricity on air conditioning is to reduce the number of hours that you use it. During the early morning or evening hours when the temperatures are moderate, you can open your windows to let cool air into the house. If you have an attic fan, open a window and use the fan to get the air circulating throughout your home. Ceiling fans can be used on marginal days instead of air conditioning, and turning on ceiling fans while the air conditioning is running makes turning the thermostat up a little less noticeable. Setting your air conditioner's thermostat a couple of degrees warmer saves on your electricity bills over time.

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