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How to Eat Healthy All Week

Step 1

Don't skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can leave you unfocused throughout the morning and often leaves you inclined to eat more than you might usually when it's finally time for lunch.

Step 2

Keep a food journal. Keeping track of exactly what you're consuming every day can be a helpful reality check. Seeing each food item and quantity written out in black and white helps to erase some of the ambiguity we may cling to about whether or not we're eating healthily and puts us in the right frame of mind for making better choices.

Step 3

Make a plan for the week. Decide how many meals you can realistically cook at home during the week, when you will eat leftovers and when you will eat out.

Step 4

Give yourself a quick Health 101 refresher course. The real rules for healthy eating haven't changed a bit. A diet that includes lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and is light on fatty foods is the diet that is right for all of us.

Step 5

Dig out your cookbooks, or find a new favorite recipes website, such as Allrecipes.com. Many of these websites include nutritional information and portion sizes. Cooking is economical and often much healthier than eating out, since you can control the amounts of fat, sugar and salt going into your meal.

Step 6

When you do have the opportunity to cook, cook a lot. Invest in storage containers and refrigerate or freeze your leftovers. These will make convenient lunches or dinners.

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