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Tips on Small Kitchens

Clear the Counters

Clutter on the counter tops can make a small space appear even smaller. And from a usability standpoint, working in a kitchen that has cluttered counters can be very frustrating if you don’t have anywhere to prepare foods or unload your groceries. Minimize the clutter by storing your toaster and other small appliances in the cupboards. Avoid using knick-knacks and just stick with the basics.

Move the Unnecessary

Kitchens often wind up as the go-to place for random mail, coupons, scissors, batteries, pens and other miscellaneous items. However, in a small kitchen, where space is at a premium, every drawer is important for storage. Don't take up valuable space with a “junk drawer” or any other unnecessary objects. Move the junk drawer to a different room in the house or create a junk bin and put it in a closet.

Hang It Up

Though your small kitchen may be lacking in counter and cabinet space, chances are you have space on the walls and beneath the cabinets. Use those spaces to hang and store items. For example, use a wine glass rack that can be installed to the underside of your cabinets. That way, wine glasses can slide easily under a corner cabinet, freeing up space in your cupboards. Hang pots and pans along the wall on hooks or on a pot rack, which will not only free up cabinet and counter space, but will also provide you with easy access while you are cooking.

Find Other Storage

Kitchen items don't always have to be stored in the kitchen. Move small appliances that you don’t use regularly, such as a waffle maker or pasta maker, into a closet near the kitchen. You can also store special serving platters, punch bowls and other items you don’t use often in a separate closet. You can also use plastic rolling drawer sets for spices or utensils, which you can roll out when needed, and then slide back into the closet when you are finished.

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