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Proper Storage of Dried Beans

Step 1

Transfer your dried beans from their original packaging into airtight containers, if necessary. If the original packaging is still sealed and airtight, you do not need to transfer the beans. However, if you have opened the package or if it is not airtight, transfer the beans into a new container. Use a glass or food-grade plastic container.

Step 2

Seal the containers tightly. They should be completely airtight to keep your beans fresh and safe to eat.

Step 3

Store the sealed containers of dry beans in a dry place at room temperature. Do not refrigerate the beans or try to keep them particularly cool, as they do best at room temperature.

Step 4

Use your beans within two to three years if possible. They are still edible after this amount of time, but they get harder as they age, and this makes it more difficult to successfully prepare them.

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