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How to Buy Food From the Local Farmers

Step 1

Visit your community farmers' markets to purchase fruits and vegetables directly from participating local farmers. If you don't know where to find a local farmers' market, use the directory at to find a market near you.

Step 2

Subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture program. Most CSAs offer delivery to your home or have a central location in your neighborhood. Weekly deliveries feature a share of the produce grown on the farm. Subscribing to a CSA will get you weekly produce deliveries from the first crop to the season's last crop.

Step 3

Visit or call your local supermarkets to see if they carry locally grown produce. Some national chains, such as Whole Foods, make an effort to carry local produce.

Step 4

Ask a butcher or gourmet food store clerk in your neighborhood to recommend local dairy, egg and meat farmers. Meat and gourmet shops probably support farmers providing these products. Contact these farmers directly via telephone or email to ask about purchasing their locally grown food, or buy these items directly from the butcher shop or gourmet food store.

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