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10 Mom Fashions We Should Say Goodbye To

I’m at a parent association meeting at my little one’s pre-school and it’s abundantly clear that I stand out. When I look around the room, I realize I’m the only one who’s actually gotten dressed. No, I’m not in a room full of nudists. I’m in a room full of women in their workout clothes.

I’ve never really understood the workout wear trend. Personally, I wear exercise clothing to exercise, but otherwise I don’t. While some of the women in the meeting probably are going to the gym afterward, most aren’t. I can appreciate the ease and comfort of workout wear as clothing, but I should also tell you they are incredibly revealing. I’m seeing a bit more of my fellow parent association volunteers than I’d like to. And let’s face it, it takes the same amount of time to put on clothing as it does workout gear. So it’s not a time saver. It’s just comfy.

In addition to our gym clothes, we moms wear a lot of fashions, usually in the name of comfort or quickness, which we might want to rethink. Just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we have to get everyone in the house dressed but ourselves. So here are 10 mom fashions I’m going to say goodbye to. Join me, won’t you?

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1. Workout Wear As Clothing. Gym clothes are revealing, like visit-to-the-o.b. revealing. How about we just wear this stuff at the gym and wear clothing the rest of the day? I will if you will.

2. Flip Flops All The Time. Guilty as charged! Flip-flops are easy and adorable, but not always appropriate. Come on moms, let’s put on some shoes! (And if you’re going to stick with your flips, please tend to your toes. Eek!)

3. Pre-Pregnancy Jeans. Bodies change and shift after giving birth. So even if you fit back into your old jeans, it doesn’t mean they look good. Mine don’t! It's a good excuse to get some new jeans. Yeah!

4. Whatever Was on the Floor. Again, I am guilty here as well. When I feel like I’ve got no time to get myself dressed, I throw on whatever is closest. But this doesn’t mean it's the cleanest.

5. Clothing With Stains. It’s highly possible a mom can leave the house in clean clothing, and her baby or little ones can put an end to that rather quickly with their dirty hands or spit up. But that doesn’t mean we should leave the house already dirty, it’s gross!

6. Crazy Hair. If you don’t have the one-minute needed to brush your hair before leaving the house, and let’s face it you don’t always have that minute, put a brush in the car. You’ve got plenty of stoplights in the near future. Instead of checking your emails at the light, brush your hair.

7. Coinslot. You know the top of your tush that sometimes creeps out when you bend in those pants that don’t fit right? Well, we can see it. So if your pants reveal your butt, they’re not really doing a good job. Let’s all agree to wear pants that fit.

8. Uggs. Anyone else say, “Ugg” when they see someone trudging around in 80 degree weather in shearling boots? They’re probably great for a sled ride through the snow. But since the last place any of us wore our Uggs to was to the market, they’re probably not necessary. Again moms, shoes! What have you got against shoes?

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9. Short Dresses When You’re With the Kids. God bless if you still have the bod to wear a short dress to dinner with the hubs. But when you’re with the kids, you’re probably going to be doing your share of lifting, bending, carrying, chasing and sitting on the floor cross-legged. That short dress is going to make everyone around you blush. Surely some mom invented the maxi dress so she could sit down in public without showing her privates.

10. Pajamas Outside the House. If you slept in it, don’t wear it out of the house. You’ve got a closet full of beautiful clothing that you haven’t slept in. They’re dying to be worn!

Image via Flickr/Kate Carruthers

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