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How to Preserve Kitchenware

Step 1

Let the kitchenware cool completely after cooking before immersing it in water.

Step 2

Wash the kitchenware gently, by hand, with a mild detergent and warm water. Use a nylon mesh scrubber to remove baked-on food particles. Never use abrasive cleansers or metal scouring pads on nonstick surfaces.

Step 3

Rinse in warm water.

Step 4

Dry the kitchenware immediately with a soft dish towel to prevent water streaks, especially on stainless steel cookware.

Step 5

Store the kitchenware in a cupboard, rather than on an open shelf, to reduce dust accumulation.

Step 6

Place a sheet of bubble wrap or a piece of cushioned fabric between kitchenware items if they are nested or stacked together. The fabric prevents scratches on nonstick surfaces -- such as frying pans with Teflon coating -- and general wear on metal surfaces.

Step 7

Wipe the inside of an item with a soft cloth to remove dust before each use.

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