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Hey Internet Trolls, Don’t Shame Someone for Having a Hot Mom Bod

Photograph by Instagram

Actress Jenna Dewan Tatum hasn't ever been shy about showing off her killer bod. And why should she? The dancer-turned-actress boasts one of Hollywood’s most perfect bodies—and she works hard for it. She often documents her workouts on Instagram for the entire world to see. But, recently, Dewan Tatum let the world see something else: her perfectly perfect butt.

And the body-shamers of the internet exploded.


Cheeky balcony series

In an Instagram pic captioned "Cheeky balcony series," the mom of 4-year-old Everly (with husband Channing Tatum) can be seen in a gorgeous lacy bodysuit with one of her best assets on full display. As if on cue, online critics came out in droves with comments ranging from “You have a kid, shame on you" to another comment that read, “She’s a mother and married. Smh, disappointed at Jenna.”

As if moms aren’t supposed to have great bodies, and certainly aren’t supposed to let anyone else see them.

This personally wound me up. Not because I have some fantastic bod or because I’d ever show my rear on the internet, but because the implication is that Dewan Tatum is a mom and therefore shouldn’t be sexy.

I call B.S.

See, once a woman has a baby, she gets sidelined to the "mom" category. Moms are regularly marginalized, made to feel invisible to the rest of the world. We've all been through it. Maybe we wear a short dress or a low-cut blouse. Someone is going to give you the "Should you really be wearing that?" stink eye that might send some moms back home to put on a turtleneck. We wonder if we're too old for long hair and question if shorts or a bikini are just too revealing for a mom to wear.

Believe it or not, we moms actually do have separate identities outside of being a mother. There’s no reason our sexuality, beauty and fitness needs to be defined by motherhood, as well.

Moms on TV are portrayed as catty housewives or dumpy pariahs deeply in need of a shower. If a mom is attractive or has a great body, she’s a MILF. But why does her hotness have to be categorized in relation to her being a mom? Can’t she just be a great-looking woman?

Believe it or not, we moms actually do have separate identities outside of being a mother. There’s no reason our sexuality, beauty and fitness needs to be defined by motherhood as well.

Moms come in all shapes and sizes. And some moms—a lot of moms, to be quite frank—are as beautiful, sexy and good-looking as they were before having kids. Some ladies even get hotter with years. Not everyone gets pregnant and immediately loses her sexual identity or her desire to be beautiful. And there’s no reason why the world should criticize her for doing so.

Personally, I’m thrilled when I see a mom proudly owning who she is, whatever that may be. Most of us aren’t ever going to look as amazing standing in lingerie on a balcony as Jenna Dewan Tatum, but there’s no reason why we can’t feel as comfortable as she does in our own skin.

So, let’s stop the shaming of hot moms and their hot mom bods. We moms are so much more than our bodies and so much more than our children.

Kudos to Jenna Dewan Tatum for allowing herself to be whatever she wants to be—even if what she wants to be is baring her buns on the internet.

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