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What Foods Are Best for Our Bodies in the Summer?


Summertime is when we tend to do more outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. Fruits are light, so they won’t weigh you down or give you that sluggish feeling when you're doing all that work under the sun. Fruits can also be eaten raw. This means no unnecessary preparation in a hot kitchen in the summertime. According to WH Foods, food acts as a cooling effect when eaten raw or briefly cooked. If it gets too hot, a batch of fruits can also turn into a nice, cool fruit smoothie.


Your grandmother always told you not to forget your greens, and she was right. Greens are considered one of the better choices for summertime eating. They’re light, high in nutritional value, and packed with natural vitamins and minerals. Try cutting up a few slices of a cucumber as a snack, or combine some greens for a meal. For instance, you can mix spinach and lettuce and add a few cucumbers slices and some peas and asparagus for a salad. Take the idea a step further and include a tomato -- which is rich in potassium and vitamin C --and you’ve just created a healthy meal.


Man cannot live by bread (or vegetables) alone. The object of proper summertime eating is to keep your body cool when the temperature is hot. If you are not a vegetarian and enjoy meat occasionally, seafood such as shrimp or salmon may be the answer. Seafood is a top source of protein but won’t wear you down. Chicken, like fish, is lower in calories than beef and an excellent source of protein. Combine a few of these choices to make a healthy and delicious summertime meal for the entire family.

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