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How to Remove Peanut Butter Residue With Dishwashing Soap

Step 1

Rub your hands together under warm running water. Get them wet past the wrist.

Step 2

Cup your hand and pour the dishwashing soap into the center of your palm.

Step 3

Place your free hand on top of the cupped hand and rub your palms together to work up a sudsy lather. Add a few drops of warm water to your hands if the dishwasher soap is not getting foamy.

Step 4

Coat each hand with the soapy foam all the way up to 4 inches past the wrist. Cover all of the areas that came in contact with the peanut butter and may still have residual oils.

Step 5

Rinse the soap from your hands under the hottest water you can take. The soap and hot water work in combination to release the peanut butter residue.

Step 6

Dry your hands thoroughly on a clean hand towel and feel for oily areas. Rewash using the same methods if your hands still have peanut oil residue.

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