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How to Use Lavender for Laundry in a Green Home

Step 1

Harvest the lavender (if necessary) in the early morning when the plant's essential oils are most concentrated. Grasp a handful of the plant's longest flowering stems and cut them off from the plant as close to the plant's main stem as possible.

Step 2

Tie the ends of the flowering stems together with a rubber band or garden twine. Hang the flowers in a cool, dry room for three to four weeks until the foliage and flowers are dry and crisp to the touch.

Step 3

Stuff a paper bag or cloth bag with the dried lavender. Use a bag big enough to comfortably fit in your laundry drawers.

Step 4

Fold the end of the bag over and secure it shut with a clothespin. This allows you to easily open the bag and replace the lavender once its natural scent is spent.

Step 5

Place the bags in your laundry drawers, laundry baskets and anywhere you want a fresh, lavender scent.

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