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How to Pick Up Pet Hairs From a Carpet

Step 1

Run a squeegee along the carpet surface. A squeegee at the end of a broom handle is easier to maneuver, but you can still use a hand-held squeegee by bending down. The hair is attracted to the rubber squeegee by static electricity and will start to clump around it.

Step 2

Remove any hair clumps with your hand, discard and continue along the carpet. If you don't have a squeegee, a balloon or rubber glove have the same effect.

Step 3

Run the lint roller over the areas where your pet sleeps or that collect a lot of its hair. The lint roller collects the hair. Remove the hair and discard, or unroll a new sheet of tape on the adhesive rollers.

Step 4

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly. Systematically work your way across the room, taking extra time in areas where a lot of hair has accumulated.

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