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Uses for Commercial Vapor Steamers


Steam cleaners were designed to clean floors and can make that task much simpler and faster as you let the water do the work. You can also use steam to effectively clean other household surfaces such as baseboards, cabinets, cupboards, kitchen and bath surfaces. Steam is highly effective on a shower or tub.

Common Household Items

Use a commercial vapor steamer to clean a piece of naugahyde furniture, then turn right around and use it to revive that aging collection of garden gnomes. Steam cleaners can be used to clean appliances and bedspreads, and its heat can kill off bedbugs, dust mites and fleas. The cleaner's heat can also unclog the gas jets on a gas range oven or thaw frozen pipes.

Allergen Removal and Laundry

You can use a steam cleaner to press your own laundry. Also, a commercial vapor steamer can rid areas of the microbial germ colonies waiting to incubate into a mold in one of those hard-to-reach places. Steam is nontoxic and safe for any environment, so it can be used indoors and outdoors. It can clear any area of allergens and remove algae growing on outside wood surfaces.

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