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How to Dispose of Household Products

Step 1

Keep used batteries in a plastic zipper bag until you are ready to get rid of them. Do not combine different types of batteries. For example, AA batteries should be in one plastic zipper bag with C batteries in another. Take them to a reclamation company for proper disposal.

Step 2

Wait for any stuck-on paint to dry in your paint cans before you toss them in the trash. If your paint cans still contain paint, take them to your local waste management facility.

Step 3

Drop fluorescent light bulbs off at a hardware store. Many of these stores collect the fluorescent light bulbs because they contain mercury, which can be dispersed if broken inside a garbage truck.

Step 4

Empty aerosol cans before you place them in the garbage. An explosion is possible if any contents remain in the can when you dispose of it. Press down on the button on the top of the can and hold until nothing more comes out.

Step 5

Mix leftover antifreeze with water before pouring it down the drain. Rinse the container out with water and toss in the trash. You can also take the leftover antifreeze to a recycling center. Antifreeze can be reconditioned and used again by someone else.

Step 6

Use all of your pesticides before disposing of the containers.

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