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How to Solve Common Storage Dilemmas in the Bathroom

Step 1

Place a small table or dresser in your bathroom. It will take up some room but will give you more space to store and organize your things.

Step 2

Install shelves. Capitalize on free wall space to create extra storage space.

Step 3

Purchase baskets, tubs or other containers that complement your bathroom decor. Place these under the sink, on top of shelves or even on top of each other. A basket or tub helps hold and organize your bath gear and provides extra surface space in the bathroom.

Step 4

Add metal or plastic towel racks, suction-cup baskets and racks that hang over the shower head to provide storage space in the tub or shower area.

Step 5

Store extra shampoo, soap and other shower items in a linen closet, pantry or garage.

Step 6

Hang only one towel per person in the bathroom at one time. Too many towels take up space and may not dry well. Keep the rest of your towels in a linen or bedroom closet.

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