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Home Storage: How to Begin

Step 1

Locate areas in your home that are suitable for storage. Look beyond the obvious areas such as closets and garages. Consider spaces beneath beds, tables and staircases.

Step 2

Isolate one room at a time for organization. Approaching too many rooms at once can be overwhelming.

Step 3

Place all the items that you no longer use in a bin or box, and mark it "sell" or "donate." You can make money by selling these items at a garage sale or consignment store, or you can donate them to a charity or someone in need.

Step 4

Group like items together. For instance, if you are organizing a closet, group sweaters together, pants together, dresses together and so on.

Step 5

Place items in boxes that you aren't currently using but will use later. Label these boxes. For instance, you might have a box in the closet marked "summer clothes." You could begin organizing a child's room by creating separate boxes for crayons, puzzles, blocks and stickers.

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