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How to Archive Storage Boxes

Step 1

Find the appropriate kind and size of box for what you want to store. Clothing, holiday decorations and wrapping paper, for example, can be stored in a traditional box. Other items, such as photographs, slides, old newspapers and the like are preserved better in a box suited for them specifically. These kinds of boxes can be found in stores that sell archival supplies.

Step 2

Label each storage box by writing the contents of the box onto a note card with a marker. Use a different-colored marker for different types of items so you can find them easily -- yellow for clothing, green for toys, and so on. Tape the note card to the front of the box.

Step 3

Decide on how you want to organize the boxes. You can do it alphabetically, by type of items or by size of box.

Step 4

Arrange the boxes following your organizational strategy and place them so that each label faces out and is easy to read.

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