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The Body Beautiful: Kelli Murray

Background: Currently living in Encinitas, Calif., with husband Sam and 2-year-old daughter Rylee, pending arrival of baby boy, I work as a freelance artist and illustrator.

Has your perspective and point of view changed since becoming a mom? And if so, how? Definitely. I think I've realized that there is no "right" way to parent. It's more about understanding your child and their individual needs, and creating structure around that. I am more accepting and less judgmental ... more open-minded and less selfish.

What do you find most rewarding about motherhood? The unconditional love and watching them grow.

What do you find the most challenging or surprising? Trying to find that healthy balance between work and motherhood.

How do you store/organize/display/showcase your photographs? I use iPhoto, but I also try to store them all in folders by year and event, as well as save them to an external hard drive. I am not the best at printing our photos, so I make sure I can always acess them on my computer or online. My blog is also somewhat of a visual diary of my life. Most major events, milestones and even just everyday photos I share there. So I know it will be something fun to look back on in the future.

Any recommendations for moms trying to capture those beautiful moments? I feel like you can't put too much pressure on it. I take a lot of photos. But the ones I end up liking the best, are the ones that are not staged. The moments that are captured organically and not forced.

What makes you feel beautiful as a mother? The love that I receive from my daughter. A shower alone and 10 minutes to put on my makeup in the morning does wonders, as well. ;)

What advice can you give other mothers who might not feel beautiful in their bodies? Your body created a human being. The most beautiful thing a female body is capable of. Don't be too hard on yourself. Love your body the way you'd want your child to love theirs.

Where you can find Kelli:

Website: Kelli Murray

Blog: Kelly Murray Blog



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