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Household Tips to Remove Gum From Furniture

Freeze the Gum

Place an ice pack or ice cubes wrapped in towels on the gum and leave the ice there until the gum is hard enough to scrape off. Alternatively, use canned, compressed air to freeze the gum. Use a butter or putty knife to gently lift the hardened gum from the furniture. If the gum has been sufficiently frozen, you can hit it with a hammer or other hard tool to crack the gum into pieces. Gently blot any residue that may remain with a soft towel that has been dipped in soapy, warm water — make sure the soap is safe to use on the couch's fabric.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly can help lift the gum off wood furniture. Work a glob of petroleum jelly into the gum and leave it on overnight. If the gum does not fall off by itself, you will need to do a bit of prying to loosen it. Simply slide a putty knife under the edge of the gum and lift. Take care not to scrape hard or gouge the wood with the knife. Remove any residue of petroleum jelly by blotting the area with a towel moistened in soapy water.

Try a Spray-On Solvent

Spray a household solvent, such as WD-40, on the offending gum, including around the edges. Let it work its magic, and pry the gum loose with a clean butter or putty knife. Since these solvents evaporate, you may need to reapply a few times before the gum loosens. When the gum is removed, place a small amount of gentle soap on a cloth and remove any residue. Do not apply any solvent directly to fabric.

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