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How to Wash Fiberglass Fabric

Step 1

Put on your rubber gloves and fill your washtub or basin with warm water. Add the recommended amount of detergent (as per the product instructions). Mix the soap into the water using your gloved hand.

Step 2

Put on your particle mask and submerse the fiberglass cloth. Soak the fabric for 15 minutes.

Step 3

Wash the cloth by hand while wearing rubber gloves. Scrub stained and heavily soiled areas by rubbing the fabric gently against itself.

Step 4

Drain your washtub and rinse the cloth thoroughly with warm water. Do not wring or twist the fabric. Repeat for a second rinse, making sure that all soap is removed.

Step 5

Press the water from the cloth using your gloved hands. Again, do not wring or twist the fabric. If the cloth isn’t too large, roll it inside a towel to extract the remaining water.

Step 6

Hang the fabric on a clothesline to dry. Rinse your tub or basin thoroughly, multiple times, to remove all fiberglass residue. Remove your gloves and particle mask, after you are finished.

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