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How to Speed-Clean a Rec Room

Step 1

Remove any clutter from the room; books, clothes, shoes, toys, magazines, papers and dishes should be put into a box or laundry basket and deposited outside the room.

Step 2

Dust the room in a clockwise or counter-clockwise pattern, hitting the outer edges of the room first and moving into the center. Dusting should be done first, as the particles will end up on the floor and can then be retrieved with the broom or vacuum. A feather duster can be used to take a swipe at walls, pictures, blinds and ceiling fans.

Step 3

Move the furniture into the center of the room as you work so you can vacuum or sweep beneath and behind it. Don't worry about large, clumsy pieces such as game tables and exercise equipment; you can get underneath these with a vacuum and hose attachment.

Step 4

Clean glass such as mirrors, inlays in tables and television and computer screens with glass cleaner and paper towels while you are doing the dusting. This will save back-tracking.

Step 5

Vacuum or sweep and mop, if appropriate. Do this last to keep from tracking back over clean floors. Begin at the outer edges of the room, replace the furniture and finish in the center. If mopping, start on the side of the room farthest from the exit and work backwards. Try to avoid walking over a wet floor.

Step 6

Sort through the box of clutter you removed at the beginning of the cleaning process; transport anything that belongs elsewhere to its appropriate place in the house, and clean and properly store anything that belongs in the rec room in its assigned place.

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