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Shelving for Clean Rooms

Step 1

Hang shelves up high in a child's room, using a screwdriver and brackets, so that the child will not be able to reach them. Store items there that you don't want your child to have free access to, such as pictures or other memorabilia. Install more shelving down below. Teach children how to store things neatly on these shelves. Consider adding bins or plastic shoe boxes with lids to the shelving to make this easier for your child.

Step 2

Place shelves in the living room to help you organize knick-knacks and photographs. Put movies or CDs on shelves and place these above or near the entertainment center for easy access. Hang bookshelves up high on the wall, around the perimeter of the room. Be sure there will be enough space for books or other items to be stored vertically on each shelf.

Step 3

Use shelving to organize closets. Consider the use of "L" brackets and anchors to aid you in providing sturdiness for these units. Create a pantry using this shelving, or a holiday storage area for items used only at certain times of the year.

Step 4

Hang shelves in the laundry room to store necessary items neatly. Keep track of laundry detergent and other items this way. Use open, wire shelving so that you can easily see what is stored where, and use bins or fabric-lined baskets for storing items such as stain remover. Label these containers and place them on the highest shelves in the room.

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