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Storage Management Techniques

Storage Furniture

Furniture that can double as a storage unit helps free up space. Coffee tables might have drawers. Some benches have seats that lift up to store toys or shoes. Footstools can hide clutter inside, too.


Storage becomes easier when homeowners use smaller furniture and smaller entertainment systems, which can take up a lot of space. By downsizing furniture, homeowners can add more storage units. Smaller furniture reduces the amount of cleaning necessary and makes a space look bigger.

Wall Mounting

Mount items onto walls. Hooks can help free up storage space by providing places to hang many objects. Install shelves in odd, unused spaces. Use shelves and hooks for items you use frequently, such as in-season coats and coffee filters.

Space Utilization

Using boxes or baskets underneath furniture or on shelves allows more objects to fit into a smaller space. Don't forget to use the space underneath the stairs for storage. Just make sure that the new storage units will not cause others to trip.

Stacking Platforms

Use stacking platforms whenever possible to make the maximum use of space, especially in closets. These platforms sometimes come with wheels so that you can move them wherever you need them the most.

Oven Storage

When short on space in the kitchen, store pots and pans in the oven. However, make sure to remove these items before turning on the oven to cook something. Do not store flammable objects in the oven in case you forget about them.

Utilize Surfaces

Make good use of any flat surface, nooks and ledges, wherever baskets and bins will fit, such as in the shower area, in entrances, in the bedroom and in work areas.

Specialized Storage

Some storage furniture is designed specifically for certain kinds of items, such as spice racks and magazine slots. Consider which items your household has a lot of and consider purchasing storage furniture designed specifically for those kinds of possessions.

Storing Unused Appliances

When a certain space becomes cluttered, look at the appliances that are not frequently used, and move these appliances to the garage or the attic. Appliances that you do not think you will ever use should go to a garage sale or a thrift store.

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