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The Best Way to Organize Hosiery

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The first step of organizing your hosiery is to separate them into piles — call it the good, the bad and the ugly. The "good" hosiery is fine for wearing again. The "bad" hosiery has a hole or a small run (or two), but you might be able to wear them just one more time with a pair of leggings or a long dress. The "ugly" hosiery — well, those are the pairs that are so bad you just might step one foot in and then go right through the feet. You can just throw out the latter pile, or save these stockings for extra warmth.

Color Coordinate

Once you’ve done a preliminary sorting of your hosiery, next up is color coordinating them. Separate the sheer from the opaque tights, then divide those up by color, whether, black, brown, nude or blue. Keep them in these separate piles. Dividing them up by color before storage makes it a lot easier to put them together with your outfits.

Storage Containers

One of the safest ways to organize your hosiery and protect them from runs is to put them into a large storage container. Place two pieces of cardboard in the container as dividers (some containers already have dividers) and use one section for good, another for bad. Fold and pile them by color in each section. Once you have them sorted into the container, place it into a clear space of your drawer. If it won’t fit, slide it under your bed.

Hanging Units

Another option for storing your hosiery is to put it in a hanging organizer. A hosiery organizer has a series of pockets and a hanger at the top so that you can place it on a clothing rack. Designate the first column of pockets for good, the second for bad, and the third for ugly run-down pairs. Carefully fold them all up neatly before sliding them into each pocket according to color.

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