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What to Use for Chapped and Sunburned Lips

Aloe or Vitamin E

The name of the game when it comes to sore lips is soothe. You need to calm that pain and irritation so your lips can get on the mend. Do so with fresh aloe gel or vitamin E. These natural products lull the chap and burn into submission, leaving you with smooth and healthy lips. Stash the products in the fridge so that they're cool, which results in an even more soothing experience.

Lip Balm

Lip balm is full of all sorts of nourishing and healing ingredients. Plus, many have SPF protection, which can prevent your lips from getting even more dried out and burned. Look for a balm that contains shea or cocoa butter, which not only smell good but are super soothing as well. Apply the balm hourly and your lips should start feeling -- and looking -- better soon.

Antibiotic Ointment

If your lips are seriously chapped or burned, they likely have a few cracks in them. Those cracks can become infected, which is not only painful, but nasty looking. Rub a light layer of the ointment on your lips daily to keep them hydrated and protected from infection. Look for an ointment that contains a topical analgesic as well, which will help to numb the pain.

Balmy Gloss

If you like your lips shiny instead of matte, you're in luck -- some glosses contain lip balm, too. This means you can swipe on the color while still nourishing and protecting your ailing lips. Look for a product that features antioxidants and vitamin C to help heal.

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