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How to Tame Your Curls

Step 1

Wash your hair using a daily shampoo formulated for dry, frizzy or curly hair, as curly hair tends to lack moisture. Rinse thoroughly to avoid product buildup and apply a daily conditioner. Use a deep conditioner once each week to help lock in moisture and reduce frizz.

Step 2

Dry your hair with a soft towel, gently squeezing and patting the hair rather than rubbing back and forth, as this roughens the cuticle and causes curly mayhem. Stop when your hair is still damp.

Step 3

Pour a small amount of silicone-based styling product into the palm of your hand and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, avoiding the crown of your head. Comb out any tangles with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 4

Section off the bottom layer of your hair using one hand. With the other hand, take small segments of hair between your fingers and twist them lightly into spiral locks then release. Move on to the next segment until the whole section is a row of twisted locks. Section off a middle layer of your hair and twist individual segments as well. Finish by twisting segments in the top layer of your hair.

Step 5

Spray your hair with your favorite gel or lightly "scrunch" in some mousse to hold your curls in place. Use the amount directed on the product label, as too much will give you a crunchy texture and too little will not achieve a lasting hold.

Step 6

Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer. Set the dryer on the medium-heat, low-power setting and dry your hair slowly in sections, starting at the front. Hold the diffuser under each section of hair like a cup, with the airflow pointing upward. For tighter curls, bring the diffuser closer to your scalp. Set the style for each section with a blast of cold air from your dryer. Step out and show everyone your under-control curls!

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