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How to Fade Acne Marks on the Face

Step 1

Dab cortisone cream on the scars twice a day for a week. This may take some time; if you need the scar gone immediately, a dermatologist can write a prescription for something that can work a lot faster.

Step 2

Use glycolic acid. A dermatologist can write a prescription for glycolic acid, and reduced-strength formulas are available in drugstores. Glycolic acid is an AHA, or alphahydroxy acid, designed to improve the appearance of surface scars. Acne scars are formed by a cluster of dead skin cells that align in the wake of a blemish, wound or trauma to the skin. When glycolic acid molecules contact the scar, they attack the substance that holds the dead skin cells together. Breaking those bonds exfoliates the dead cells, and your acne scars vanish.

Step 3

Visit your dermatologist for a light chemical peel. Light peels soak into the surface layer of skin and whisk away dead cells. In the office, the doctor will apply a liquid solution to your face and let it sit before wiping it off. The outpatient procedure will leave your skin red and raw for a few days afterward, but you should emerge with scar-free skin.

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