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How to Go From Dark Brown Hair to Bleach Blond

Step 1

Protect your hair before you color. Wet your hair and scalp, and massage in a generous amount of deep conditioner. Bleach is horrendously drying and can fry your hair if you’re not careful. Leave the conditioner on for 20 minutes, then rinse and dry.

Step 2

Break it down; your hair, that is. Part your tresses into four equal sections, and pin three of them up with bobby pins or clips. Fashion statement aside, small sections make it easier to spread the bleach and avoid ghastly blond and dark brown skunk stripes.

Step 3

Shake, shake, shake up the bleaching solution. Pour the liquid bleach into the base in the squeeze bottle, screw the lid on tight and shake thoroughly to combine. Snip the tip off the bottle with a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 4

Get your bleach on, and coat the first section thoroughly. Free the second section, and bleach away; move onto the third and fourth sections, rubbing the sections with your fingers to evenly distribute the bleach. Set a small kitchen timer to the time specified for dark brown hair on the box, and distract yourself with a good blog or gossip mag until the timer dings.

Step 5

Wash your way to blonde beauty. Wet your hair with a little warm water, and scrub vigorously with your hands and rinse away the bleach. Towel dry your hair, and apply a toner to your lightened locks. Leave the toner on for 15 minutes, and rinse to wash away any green or brassy tones, leaving you looking like a truly sexy blonde bombshell.

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