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Ways to Wear a Bob

Straight and Sleek

The sleek, straight bob ends just at your chin. It has a way of looking no-nonsense, yet still chic and sophisticated. This sleek bob creates a wonderful frame for your face; traditionally, the ends are angled inward, toward your chin. Go for the straight bob if your hair is very naturally straight to avoid hours of styling every morning. Part it on the side for a sweet, feminine touch; part it straight down the middle for a more daring look.

Messy Bob

The messy bob seems like it was created as a hair release for free-spirited women. No rules apply when it comes to a messy bob. This style falls around the chin, just like the classic bob, but the similarities end there. Messy bobs are perfect for women with curly or wavy hair who just want to scrunch it up and go. Your hair should be loose, free-flowing and full of body; almost no styling is necessary. Simply tousle your hair back and forget about it.

Angled Bob

For a woman who scorns low-maintenance hairstyles, an angled bob is just the thing. This is not the classic, easy-to-care-for bob, but it's definitely cute, chic and sophisticated. An angled bob has a short back and a longer front. Its face-framing angles around your chin flatter and add a feminine touch. Angled bobs require maintenance; after all, it takes effort to make it look like your hair is two different lengths on purpose. The front should always be blown under, while the back should be styled and neat.


Side bangs, short, wispy bangs and long bangs are all good when it comes to a bob. Choose bangs by looking at your own face shape. Go for short bangs to break up a long, oval face; opt for side bangs to thin out a round shape.

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