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How to Prevent Bad Breath

Step 1

Keep your mouth shut when you breathe. Operation Freshen-Up doesn't stand a chance if you don't use your nose when you breathe. Be careful, though — meds can give you dry mouth, and dry mouth is a common culprit when it comes to bad breath.

Step 2

Scrape your tongue each day. That filmy gunk on your tongue is crawling with bacteria. You can buy tongue scrapers at the drugstore, or you can just give your tongue a good brushing with your toothbrush.

Step 3

Ditch the morning mochacchino (and late afternoon latte and early evening espresso). When it comes to brewing bad breath, coffee is a repeat offender. If you simply cannot live without your coffee, brush your teeth after every cup.

Step 4

Pass on that onion dip and save that Tikka Masala for dining solo. Pungent foods will leave your breath lacking. Steer clear of foods containing curry paste, onion and spicy peppers. If you like to gorge on garlic, this herb will ooze from every square inch for up to two solid days after consumption.

Step 5

Brush and floss to keep your breath sweet. Pack a toothbrush in your purse, and brush after every meal or snack. If you're not sure that's enough, carry mints or gum with you to help freshen up your breath.

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