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Care for Blemishes

Don't Over Wash Skin

Get that old thinking that your face should be squeaky clean for it to be blemish-free out of your head. Washing skin too frequently with harsh and drying cleansers strips skin's natural oils--yes, some oil is actually needed for healthy skin--and can lead to more breakouts and irritation. Suds up twice a day with a gentle cleanser designed for sensitive-skinned girls who are prone to breakouts. If your skin is oily and doesn't become easily irritated, try a gentle medicated wash.

Hands Off

Although it's tempting, and strangely satisfying, never pick or squeeze your blemishes. You may think you're getting rid of the blemish, but you're actually causing skin to become more inflamed and infected. The worst part? All that picking can lead to scarring so that you're left with a constant reminder of your former spots.

Treat Spots Gently

Don't overload skin with harsh acne treatments. Stick to a spot treatment that contains a 2.5 percent concentration of benzoyl peroxide or sulfur. Remember that spot treatments are only meant for blemishes. Slathering them all over your face won't prevent blemishes but will leave you with red, irritated skin.

Try a Regimen

Busy girls on the go don't have time to spend hours perusing the drugstore aisle in search of a cleanser and treatment combo, so why not try a prepackaged acne regimen? Try one that combines a cleanser, a moisturizer and spot treatment and takes the guesswork out of caring for blemishes.

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