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Women's Long Wavy Hairstyles

Braiding to Achieve Waves

Braids are an easy way to get waves, especially with long hair. Depending on how big or loose you want your waves, create tight or thick braids. Dampen your hair just enough without dripping. For fine hair, to add staying power, finger gel or leave-in conditioner through your moist locks. Begin to create braids throughout your hair. Waves are meant to look natural, so there is no need to create even separations. Braiding is a great way to achieve waves without damaging the hair with heat or wear and tear.

Scrunch Styling to Achieve Waves

A style used for long hair is the scrunched wave. Unlike braiding, scrunched waves appear less uniform. Women with super straight hair should first apply a generous amount of gel to damp hair. Take your hands and cup the bottom of your hair, scrunching up like an accordion. Once the hair is scrunched up, clip the sections to the scalp. Spray each section with hairspray. The hair will dry like this and create a unique wave.

Professional Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair is a timeless look that can be obtained permanently with a perm. This chemical treatment uses a waving lotion and neutralizer to reshape the hair into loose or tight waves. Curling irons also can create waves in the hair. Long hair can be cut into layers and then waved, which will create dimension with each pattern of the wave.

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