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How to Create a Wedding Up-Hairdo With Ribbon

Step 1

Shampoo and condition your hair, making sure to rinse thoroughly, and then blot it with a dry towel. Add a silicone-based hair product to the damp hair to give it extra shine.

Step 2

Blow-dry your hair so that it is completely dry, and then brush it back smoothly in a high ponytail. Secure the pony tail with a hair band and smooth out or correct any lumps and bumps. If you wish, curl the entire ponytail in small strands, spraying each one with hair spray as you go so that the strands retain their shape as you curl the rest of the hair.

Step 3

Take a long piece of thick-banded white satin ribbon and wrap it over the top of the ponytail so that it covers the hair band. Tie the ends underneath the ponytail so that you cannot see the band, and allow the ribbon strands to hang loose. Cut the strands to the desired length.

Step 4

Use multiple strands of ribbon wrapped in the same fashion, but intertwine their ends with the strands or hair curls to have a bigger ribbon presence and more white in the hair. Pin the ribbons into place with bobby pins at the base of the ponytail and spray the hair with hairspray to hold the style.

Step 5

Add any extra embellishments that suit your style, such as jewels or flowers.

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