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How to Reduce the Look of Freckles With Makeup

Step 1

Apply the at-home peel to your face according to the instructions on the package. Definitely don't leave it on too long -- it'll make your skin ache without any extra benefits.

Step 2

Wash off the peel and pat your skin dry. Smooth a moisturizer over your cheeks and let it sink in until your skin is completely dry to the touch.

Step 3

Run water over your makeup sponge. Wring it until it's moist but nowhere near dripping.

Step 4

Dab the sponge into the powder foundation. Pat the sponge it lightly over your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, then pat in gentle, smooth circles to blend -- you don't want a cakey look, just a smooth, even tone. Add more powder to the sponge when it runs out, then give the powder about an hour to work.

Step 5

Dot the tip of your pointer finger with a little gel blush. Smooth it over the apples of both cheeks.

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