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How to Do Braids

Simple Braid

Step 1

Brush the hair to remove any knots.

Step 2

Use the rat tail comb to split the hair into three equal sections. Comb each section until it is smooth and tangle-free.

Step 3

Cross the left-hand section over the middle section, moving the middle section to the left. The left section has now taken the place of the middle section. Tighten the weave by pulling sections away from each other and holding as tautly as you can. In order to have a tight and tidy braid, you must tighten each section as you go; you cannot tighten after the braid is done.

Step 4

Cross the right-hand section over the new middle section, moving the new middle section to the right. The right section is now the middle section. Tighten the braid again by pulling sections away from each other and holding tautly.

Step 5

Continue crossing left section over the middle and then right section over the middle, tightening as you go, until the hair narrows, and you can no longer weave the hair together or until you reach a point where you want the braid to stop.

Step 6

Wrap an elastic hair band around the tip of your braid to secure tightly.


Step 1

Prepare the hair just as you would for a simple braid; however, before beginning the braid, take the rat tail comb, and part the hair from front to back down the middle of your head so that your hair is now in two sections. Make sure the part is straight, and section off one of the sections using the elastic hair band to keep the section out of the way.

Step 2

Begin braiding the loose section of hair using the same technique you used for the simple braid -- left section crossing the middle section followed by right section crossing the middle section. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic hair band.

Step 3

Undo the bound section of hair, and brush it out again to ensure smooth hair. Braid this section the same way as the first. Secure with an elastic hair band.

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