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How to Clean Tapestry Clothing

Step 1

Wrap cheesecloth around the brush attachment on the vacuum. Use the rubber band to hold the cheesecloth in place. This will prevent anything that has stuck to the brush attachment from previous uses from getting on your tapestry clothing.

Step 2

Lay the tapestry clothing flat. You can move the clothing around as you clean, but you will get the best results by laying it flat and going over the clothing in as much detail as possible.

Step 3

Sprinkle powdered carpet freshener on the tapestry clothing. This will remove pet odors, smoke and food smells from the fabric. Go light, though, so you don't end up smelling like an air freshener when you put on your newly cleaned clothing.

Step 4

Vacuum the garment. Turn on the vacuum and run the brush attachment over the entire piece of clothing, one small section at a time. Repeat the process several times to get all of the dirt out of the article of clothing. The cheesecloth should allow dust to be pulled off the clothing and into the vacuum.

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