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Haircuts for Growing Your Bangs Out

Easy, Breezy Bob

Bobs can look elegant with bangs. While yours are growing out, switch it up a bit and try a choppy-cut bob to keep your look interesting. Make yours a little sultry by sporting it in easy, bedhead waves. Just apply a little mousse to your hair and curl your bangs under slightly with a round brush. Then wrap sections of your hair around a one-inch curling iron, making sure to leave the ends free.

Swept Away

When your bangs get longer, try sporting them in a side-sweep. This look doesn't necessarily require a cut. You just need to trim your bangs so they're even. Try a side-sweep with long hair or make it more in-your-face with a bob. Styling the look is a cinch. Just brush hair over to whichever side you prefer and you're good to go.


Let your bangs walk the straight and narrow. When your bangs have grown past the bottom of your eyebrow, instead of letting them run ragged, have them cut straight at an angle. Instead of looking like you're growing out your bangs and have no idea what to do with them, your cut will look much more intentional. Keep having your stylist slightly trim your bangs to line them up until they're long enough to sweep to the side.

Trim the Middle

When your hair is long enough to sweep your bangs over, try giving them a little micro-trim once every six to eight weeks. You'll want to only trim the hair in the middle of the bang, and have the hair around your face cut at a slight angle so your bangs don't look quite so harsh. Cut about 1/4 inch off of the back of the hair to even everything else out.

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