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Who's Scared on Halloween? This Non-Crafty Mom

October is here, which means Halloween is upon us. Gone are the days when I could go to the store and choose an adorable outfit for my sweet little girl.

She’s 5 years old now, and she has her own ideas about what she wants to be. In fact, so far this year she’s come up with 10 different ideas … that I can recall.

I used to joke my daughter was destined to wear store-bought Halloween costumes. I am not crafty. I wish I were, but that is just not a talent I possess. We each have our special gifts. I have others.

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The whole buy-a-costume-already-made thing was working out for me, too. Until last year. After a string of cute, purchased, pre-made costumes growing better each year until we reached by far the biggest hit, Strawberry Shortcake, it all came crashing down.

Last year, she wanted to be a tiger, her favorite animal.

Sure, there are plenty of tiger costumes one can buy online or in a store. Except we live in Florida. My child would die of heatstroke if she wore one of those thick, furry costumes with long sleeves and pants. Seriously. It’s hot here in October. It’s 90 degrees outside as I write this.

So I had the bright idea I would make a costume for her. And it really wasn’t that bad. It was somewhat time consuming; I painted black stripes on an orange t-shirt and tights. Added a store-bought skirt, ears and a tail, and used my own makeup to draw a nose and whiskers on her face. I even painted tiger strips on her fingernails. Voila!

It was a huge success. But it set a dangerous precedent. Suddenly, I wasn’t a non-crafty mom. I was a mom who could make Halloween costumes. Crap.

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And, after going round and round all year, my daughter finally settled on a costume for this Halloween. She wants to be Gnocchi, the cat from the Curious George TV show. Not a costume available for purchase anywhere.

Time to head to the craft store again…

Update: Things aren't looking too bad!

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