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Turns Out We've Been Putting Our Bras on Wrong This Whole Time

Photograph by Getty Images

If you're like me, and so many other women, there's yet another thing we've all been doing wrong—and it's a big one. Apparently, we've been putting our over-the-shoulder boulder holder on all wrong.

I know, how is this even possible? I've been wearing a bra for over 30 years now, and up until I saw these instructions from bra company Third Love tweeted out by Brittany Packet, I had no clue that I'd been doing it backwards all this time.

I put my bra on the tightest hook in the back and adjust the straps after that, but it turns out you're supposed to do it the opposite way.

First, you put the bra on the loosest hook. Second, situate yourself into the cups so your breasts are all cozy like. Then, you adjust the straps.

The extra hooks were put on a bra to make it fit better after it has stretched out a bit.

Mind blown, right? I can honestly say if I hadn't come across these instructions, I never would've paid attention. I would've looked at the instructions that came with the bra and thrown them away thinking, How silly. I know how to put on a bra. What a waste of paper.

But Third Love so kindly reminds us the correct way to keep our twins peaks nice and secure. Who knew most of the women of the world actually did not know how to put on a bra correctly?

Thank god, we can look out for each other. I'm not kidding when I say all my bras—even the super cheap ones—fit so much better now.

So, maybe you don't need that $100 bra after all and you can say goodbye to that awkward bra fitting. If you also face the daily struggle that is getting a bra to sit just right without dealing with straps sliding down or cups feeling loose, you've got to give it a try. It may leave you perkier than you ever thought possible. And what woman doesn't want that?

You're welcome.

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