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Face Masks for Blemished Skin

Blemished Skin

Blemishes don't come from pizza. The wrong beauty products, environmental problems and other evils join together to attack your skin with bumps and blemishes. A skin mask can attack the gunk left in your pores and help stop acne from coming back. If you don't apply a skin mask right, you could be leaving your pores open to even more oil and dirt. Take the time to do it right, and your skin will thank you.

Choosing a Mask

When choosing a mask for blemished skin, look for a few keywords. Masks that mention acne clearing or cleaning are safe choices. Masks with oatmeal may also help clear up acne. Mint masks can help dull the pain of inflamed acne. Never choose a mask with heavy oils or a peel-off mask. You may irritate your acne and actually make your skin worse. Masks that heat or cool are great to soothe your skin while it gets clean.


Wash your face with warm water to ease your pores open. Once they're open, the ingredients in the mask will be able to take the plunge and clear them out. Smooth the mask onto your face with a brush or with your fingertips. Be gentle, and avoid your eyes -- getting the mask in your eyes can leave them red and uncomfortable. Focus on your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Leave it on for the time recommended by the company that makes your mask. Once it's time, wash it off with warm water. To close up your pores, splash cool water on your skin once all the mask is removed.


Choose a noncomedogenic facial cleaner and lotion for before and after your mask. Gentle cleaners that don't require water are a perfect prologue to a face mask. If you find a gentle, oil-free face mask, buy it. Many face masks are marketed to women for relaxation or rejuvenation, and won't necessarily help relieve acne. If your acne is really bad, look for a medicated face mask. A dermatologist can prescribe masks that contain acne-fighting ingredients such as benzyol peroxide in a higher dose than you can get over the counter.

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