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Linoleum Tips


Since linoleum is a hard floor, rooms with linoleum floors tend to have an echo sound when people talk or make noise. Adding some wall art and floor rugs helps dampen the sound.

Natural Linoleum Cleaner

Linoleum is relatively easy to clean without cleaners containing unhealthy chemicals. The Oregon Metro Regional Government suggests mopping linoleum with 1/4 cup of a vegetable-oil-based soap mixed into 2 gallons of warm water.


Many people may not think to vacuum hard floors, but Martha Stewart points out that vacuuming can be a huge time saver. They often face spills that are easier to clean up with a vacuum than a broom. It is impossible to sweet up all the particles when a cook drops some flour on the floor, but a vacuum easily cleans up most of the spill.


Linoleum floors need waxing to maintain an attractive surface. Use a water-based wax that is self-polishing.

Things to Avoid

Do not use ammonia on linoleum. Avoid any other strong alkaline cleaners, which can weaken the surface.

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