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How to Clean & Preserve Marble


Step 1

Cover the surface of the marble with hot water.

Step 2

Wet the sponge, and apply the soapless cleaner to it. Wash the marble in a small, circular motion.

Step 3

Dry the area with the soft cotton cloth or chamois, and allow it to dry entirely before applying sealer or any other treatments.


Step 1

Wipe up spills immediately as this will stop the marble from staining. Use the above method to clean the area after you have cleaned the spill.

Step 2

Use coasters with rubber bottoms under all drinks and placemats under items that may scratch the marble surface.

Step 3

Avoid placing alcoholic drinks, tea, milk, peanut butter, butter, oil, or cosmetics directly on the marble as they will stain or etch the surface.

Step 4

Keep sharp objects, such as toys, keys and metal items away from marble as it could scratch the stone.

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