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Hilaria Baldwin Reveals Her Family's Halloween Plans (Sort Of)

Photograph by Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com

Hilaria Baldwin, yoga expert and mother of three, reveals what her family won't be dressing up as for Halloween. Although her husband, Alec Baldwin, has been playing the president on "Saturday Night Live," Hilaria tells Mom.me that the family has other plans for the holiday. She's just not telling us exactly what those plans are.

"We like to do family things, so we are going to dress up," says Hilaria, who has 4-year-old daughter Carmen, 2-year-old son Rafael and 1-year-old son Leonardo, in addition to Alec's daughter, Ireland. "It's going to be a surprise, and I'm very excited about it. So stay tuned for that!"

While the family costumes might be hush-hush, Hilaria did say the kids will also get the chance to dress up on their own.

"The kids have a Halloween fair at their preschool, so I let them choose something very individual that they like to be for that," Hilaria says. "Rafa is going to be Thomas the Train, and Carmen is going to be whichever princess she feels like dressing up as that day. For our Halloween, when we go out, we get very excited to do something as a group—except for Leo, who's at that age where he doesn't understand. He's like, 'Why are you putting this thing on me?'"

Speaking of family-inspired styling, Hilaria and Carmen have teamed up with children's clothing line Janie and Jack for their new holiday collection, J&J, which features coordinating styles for moms and kids.

"Finding something that both you and your child are excited about is pretty special," Hilaria says. "I let my kids wear whatever they want, especially because self-expression is really important, but it's kind of nice when they choose one thing that I'm excited to see them in and can take pictures of them in and all of that mom stuff."

The 33-year-old mom admits that she loves that her little girl wants to be "like Mommy" right now because she knows it might be for a limited time only.

"She's at that age, and I'm embracing it, because I know it will not last," she says, while adding that she likes having her own little mini me. But right now, she adds, "Anything that's like me—she wants to do that."

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