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5 Skincare Brands for Babies With Sensitive Skin

The weather is getting cooler and, even though we live in Florida, I know that means battling my two-year-old's skin issues. Sometimes I think shoveling snow or dealing with frozen water pipes would be easier than her increased suffering from eczema, which cooler weather only makes worse. I also grew up with eczema (and I still have it—lucky me!), but watching how it seriously affects my poor girl’s life is an entirely different beast.

Eczema can be diagnosed by your child’s pediatrician or allergists. The cause can be, well, anything. Treating it and preventing flare-ups is challenging, because what may work for one month may not be effective the next.

We’ve spent a good amount of money on lots of different products. These are the ones that have become my favorites:

1. Cetaphil’s RestoraDerm Skin Restoring Body Wash is a new discovery of mine, and I am so wishing I knew about this stuff before. It is fantastic! Cetaphil has been a staple brand for me for years, but I had no idea they had products specifically for healing and restoring eczema-ridden skin. The fragrance-free formula and slick consistency ensures that my girl’s skin stays moisturized while bathing and drying off. The best thing about it? It can be used on babies as young as three months old.

2. A Shea Moisture Baby gift set was given to me at my baby shower and aside from a breast pump, it was the best gift for a mama whose newborn’s skin was a scaly and dry mess. Most known for their hair care products, Shea Moisture has 3 lines of baby skincare products that are perfect for babes with sensitive skin and everyone in between. Their Olive & Marula line smells absolutely wonderful but really it’s the Raw Shea Butter collection that got the most love in our home. Then again, I jump for joy any time I see shea butter in a skincare product.

3. Aveeno Baby is one of the more recognizable skincare brands for parents of little ones. And for good reason! Aveeno Baby makes gentle products that not only cleanse and soothe babies, but also infuses them with calming properties. Their Baby Calming Lotion saved my sanity in the first few months of newborn-hood. Their Ezcema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment is, literally, the best thing to ever happen to my girl’s sensitive skin.

4. Noodle and Boo is for those mamas who really enjoy using fancier skincare products. Not only is the packaging adorable, but their products have multipurpose uses and contain nourishing properties. Their products are loaded with different oils, such as sweet almond, and Vitamins E and C. Not a fan of parabens? Neither is Noodle and Boo. They omit parabens, dyes and sulfates in all of their products.

5. The Honest Company makes adorable and biodegradable diapers, but I just recently discovered their non-toxic skincare line. And I fell in love. Their tear-free and plant-based shampoo and body wash is so gentle on my girl’s skin. It not only cleanses her but keeps her moisturized during bath play. This brand has also given us an all-natural Organic Healing Balm that works nicely on my daughter’s skin after she’s had a flare-up.

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